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The first Korean hybrids were named with group association in mind:-

Apollo Fl. A bronze red single ht. 2.5 ft.fl. Oct
Aphrodite Fl. Soft fresh pink paling to white in age - ht. 2 ft. fl. Oct
Ceres Fl. Old gold/ chamois/ yellow/ soft bronze ht. 2.5 ft.
Dasira Fl. White buds tinted pink ht.2 ft.
Daphne Fl. Pink, buds lilac
Lovelight [duplex type] Fl. a warm pink ht. 3 ft.
Louise Schilling Fl. early with fluffy salmon red flowers
Mars Fl. a deep amaranth red ht. 3 ft. late
Nancy Copland Fl. “spectrum red” 2.5 ft.
Orion Fl. a scintillating yellow not as hardy as the others nor as bushy ht. 2 ft.
Pink Luster Fl. orchid pink ht. 3 ft.
Saladin [duplex type] Fl. oriental red with coral-red and coppery-bronze overlying
tones. It is strong and vigorous, the large semi-double flowers
carried on heavily branching sprays . Fragrance is pronounced in
this variety
Vesta Fl. golden orange ht. 2.5 ft.
Double Koreans
Indian Summer Fl. irregular luminous orange ht. 2.5 ft.
King Midas Fl. early 4 inch blossoms soft yellow ht. 2 ft.
Romany Fl. large soft glowing red with gold petal reverse ht. 2.5 ft
The Moor Fl. amaranth or port wine not very hardy
Ember Fl. very hardy fiery bronze late ht. 2.5 ft.
Symphony Fl. Pyrethrum hybrid blood in its linage mauve ht. 3 ft.
Lavender Lady Fl. 3 inches lavender shades ht. 3 ft.
Pale Moon Fl. soft sulphur yellow
Sequoia Fl. amber ht 2.5 ft.
By 1964 Roderick Cummings Listed 110 types

Hardy Chrysanthemums by Alex Cummings 1939 pp. 157 & 159

Hardy Chrysanthemums by Alex Cummings 1939 pp. 157 & 159

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